In Dog Years

At just 8 weeks old, Sean brought you home for the first time. You cried, and cried, until he let you curl up in his lap for the 45-minute car ride. You had him wrapped around your finger. Just 1 … in dog-years.

Guinness and Sean on Day 1
The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Later that summer, you were the life of the party at the bonfire before my sister’s wedding. Just 2 … in dog-years.

On New Years Eve, you ate a Christmas ornament, and we called the Vet in a panic, Just 5 … in dog years.

You rested your head on my pregnant belly, and kept me warm. Just 7 … in dog-years.

Then, you peed on our bed because we brought THAT baby home. Still 7 … in dog- years.

You gently played with that baby, and shared your squeaky-toys with no complaints. Just 10 … in dog-years.

You rested your head on my pregnant belly and kept me warm. Again. Now 17 … in dog-years.

That time, 3-yr old Michael let you outside for the very first time. He was so proud. A lively 28 … in dog-years.

You let the kids dress you in Mickey Mouse ears. A stately 59 … in dog-years.


You chased me in circles around the house, and the kids laughed ‘til their bellies hurt. Feeling pretty good for 66 … in dog-years.

When we moved, and you weren’t pleased. You left several “presents” to remind us. Still the boss at 73 … in dog-years.

You managed to climb onto the dining room table, and couldn’t get down. A spry 77 … in dog-years.

12 human-years; 84 dog-years … You chased whiffle balls in the yard, over and over and over. You rested your head at Sean’s feet while he worked. You ate every scrap that fell from the kids’ plates. You playfully jumped on every new person who walked through the door. When Sean was away, you slept on his side of the bed, and made me feel safe.


Today, we laid next to you, and rubbed your belly until you fell asleep. And we said good-bye. Thank you for sharing your years with us, dear Guinness.


A Dog’s Life

20120213-151448.jpgThis is our dog , Guinness. We love him to bits. However, we (and by “we”, I mean “Me”) are not crazy about having him lounge on the couch, leaving his hair and distinct “eau de canine” scent behind.

So, every evening before bed, my husband and I make sure we barricade the couch with a baby gate, the coffee table, an ottoman, the kids’ beanbag chairs and whatever else we might have handy. We figured it must be working pretty well because Guinness usually makes his way onto our bed overnight, and he’s always been afraid of the baby gate.

But, I think we were wrong. I caught him in the act today.

Smart dog. We should start training him for obstacle courses!

20120213-151617.jpgUPDATE: Caught in the act again