Why Parents Must Speak of Unspeakable Things

My 7-year old started summer day camp this week. With the recent verdict in Pennsylvania as an unfriendly reminder of the small number of real-life monsters out there, ready to prey on children, I made sure I revisited an uncomfortable discussion with my little boy. When it was done, I felt only a little relief, and a lot of sadness at having to peel away at yet another layer of his innocence.
This blogger captured my feelings exactly. Read her post about uncomfortable but necessary discussions with our kids.


A Big-Family FAQ

So, like most people (at least I think like most people), who I am today is largely the result of a precise blend of nature v. nurture. I definitely inherited plenty of traits from my parents and grandparents, but my perspective on life was certainly shaped by my childhood, and the boisterous, hectic, big-a$$ family of mine.

Mind you, we’re not as big as the famous “Duggars”, but we give them a run for their money. I have the honor of being the oldest of 13 (yes 10 + 3) children. It was a wonderful way to grow up, and though this surprises some, we were downright normal. We played Little League, went to public school, had family vacations, and though we might have been on a tighter budget, we didn’t suffer.


Often I am asked “what was it like?” (All 13 of us get this question, and many others.) so, my witty and eloquent brother Dan posted the following: “Since You Asked: 20 Things You’re Dying to Know About My Huge Family.” Head on over to his blog “Speak of the Daniel” and check it out!


A Shameless Plug for a Brand New Blog: Bad Parenting Moments

A couple of very smart, funny, witty and creative Moms (who just happen to be related to me) just started a great new blog.

Bad Parenting Moments Logo





Bad Parenting Moments is a blog full of refreshing stories from parents who try their best 100% of the time, and who, like me, sometimes fail miserably.

You should check it out … Really!

Because I Love a Good Cup of Chowda

Via TheBeantown Bloggery – Legal Sea Foods Declares “Chowda Day” – 1/11

Beer to Benefit Vermont Hurricane Victims via Boston.com

As someone who hails from Vermont, and who has family members who were affected by Irene this is real ‘feel-good’ story.

Beer to Benefit Vermont hurricane victims.

Dee Lee Of WBZ’s “Money Matters” Talks Holiday Tipping via CBS Boston

Some decent guidlines here for holiday tipping …

Dee Lee Of WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Money Matters Talks Tipping In Today’s Money Matters Report « CBS Boston.

Who Has Best Shot At A White Christmas? « CBS Boston

Who Has Best Shot At A White Christmas? « CBS Boston.

Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly via Boston.com

In this article, I found more good reasons to drink coffee, than reasons to avoid it. Thank Goodness!

Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Holiday Secret: It’s Not Too Early To Start Planning for Next Christmas via MOMdotCOM.net

Just found some excellent tips for the holiday planner in all of us!

Holiday Secret: It’s Not Too Early To Start Planning for Next Christmas

Five Popular Myths You Should Not Believe – via Reader’s Digest

Did you know that St. Patrick wasn’t really Irish? Or, that Abner Doubleday did NOT invent baseball?

I came across these tidbits today on the Reader’s Digest website. It’s worth a read…

Reader’s Digest – Five Popular Myths You Should Not Believe

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