About Me

Me? Well, I’m your average wife, and mom to a future Jedi Knight and a Princess of all things Pink. Being a Manager of Risk and Audit Services pays the bills. Reading, and occasionally writing blogs preserves my sanity.


This blog is a random assortment of short posts with no particular motive or theme. Perhaps some themes will develop over time. For now, they are just my own odds ‘n ends.




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good afternoon,

    We came across your blog and we think our Film Camp for Teens might be of interest to you and your readers.

    Every March and August, Centre for the Arts hosts a Film Camp for Teens. This March will be our seventeenth camp! We still have several spots to feel and would like to extend an invitation to the children of the women in your program.

    The camp is a five day intensive in filmmaking where the teens learn how to write, direct, shoot, light, edit, act in and produce their own films. We welcome guest professionals from the industry to conduct workshops in each of these areas of filmmaking. Some of our previous guests include Maury Chaykin, Saul Rubinek, Cal Coons, Eleanore Lindo, Judith Thompson, Sudz Sutherland, Bruce McDonald, Mary Young Leckie, Nicholas Campbell and more.

    We endeavour to offer a spot at camp to anyone who would like to attend through our Sponsorship Program or Pay-What-You-Can Program. We rely on the generous donations of individuals and companies to help operate every year. We welcome kids from diverse backgrounds to the camp. Some of our teens come from Covenant House, Soulpepper’s Youth Outreach Program and St. Christopher House.

    Company and individual sponsors include William F. White, Rancho Relaxo, Sim Video, Strident Films, Sick Kids Hospital, Katie Pattillo, Emma Williamson, Rebecca Kacaba, Lollicakes, Dufflets and more.

    You can view more information about the camp, pictures and short films on our website at –

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,
    Producer, Film Camp for Teens

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