8 is Great!

My little boy turns 8 today, and has blossomed into a Big Kid!

A couple of years ago, when you turned 6, I wrote a post to reminisce about all you learned as a 5-year old.  It seems fitting do this again, Here’s your 8 year-old “Year-In-Review.”

    • You moved from 1st Grade to 2nd. You can add and subtract, and even multiply. You read “chapter books”, especially the books with wizards and magic and trips back in time.
    • You went on your first fishing trip, and handled a rod and reel like a pro.


    • You went to your first Drive-In Movie – You saw “Brave” and were upset that we didn’t stay for the double-feature.
    • You ask more and more questions that I cannot answer  – like “Where does the Easter Bunny live?” or “Why did the Dinosaurs become extinct?
    • You still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I love that, and a secretly dread the day those fantasies fade.
    • You think that Big Foot is real, and I cannot convince you otherwise.  I hate that.
    • We had the Best Vacation Ever at Disney! I could watch you fight Darth Maul, again and again!
  • You outgrew your case of stage fright, and have turned into the official Cub Scout spokesperson for your Den.


  • You made your First Penance and First Communion, and treasured an old set of rosary beads that belonged to Grandpa Wayne.
  • You are genuine, honest, loyal and sensitive, and you still sleep with your stuffed animal, “Horsey”. I promise that I will never throw him away.

You are rocking it as a Big Kid. Mom and Dad are so proud of you, and we love you to the moon and back!

Happy Birthday!


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