So I Am Cheating on This Blog…But It’s All Good

I apologize to you, my blog, for abandoning you these last few weeks. I admit it, there is another. I have been cheating on you, neglecting you, but it had to be done. While I was away, I gave birth to a brand new blog, a bit different than this blog, but I love it all the same.

So, today dear readers, I am making an unabashed plea to you to pretty-please check out this new blog o’ mine, Pink Hat Sports. Unlike my Odds ‘n Ends blog, which has become a wonderful journal of sorts for me, and still is, Pink Hat Sports has a bit more focus. As you can guess by the name, Sport is at the core of the blog, but it will not grow into your typical sports blog. I hope to make it a well-rounded and informative, the perfect resource for the casual fan to know what’s going on in Boston Sports, but also a place for buzz, gossip, and commentary on women and girls in the world of sports.

Like I said, this blog-baby is brand-spanking new. It’s barely let out it’s first weak cry, but I hope to see it grow and mature, and I hope you can come along for the ride.

To start, let me share a post that tells you a little about my thoughts on being a sports fan, and wearing a pink hat….

We Can’t All Be Diehard Fans


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