On Giving Up Chocolate For Lent – What Was I Thinking?

It’s Ash Wednesday evening, and while sitting in traffic of the way to work this morning, I decided that I would give up Chocolate for Lent.

Ash Wednesday is like New Year’s Day. For those of us that observe Lent, it’s an opportunity to revive those New Years Resolutions that have already gone south.

Of course, I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions this year, and I don’t often go out of my way to give something up for Lent. But this morning, something inspired me to say goodbye to chocolate for a little while. Maybe it was the fact that my slacks were feeling a bit snug this morning. Maybe, I wanted to challenge myself. Maybe I need to practice a little self-discipline, or maybe I just want to torture myself for 40 days.

From a religious perspective, I actually think forgoing chocolate is a bit of a copout. After all, Lent is supposed to be about sacrifice, but I’m pretty sure it’s about making sacrifices for the benefit of others. My six-year old is already better at Lent than I am; he earned a canned good for food drive at Church by spontaneously cleaning his room the other day. (Talk about miracles!)

Giving up chocolate is a recycled Lenten gesture too. Been there. Done that – about 15 years ago. It was a long 40 days, and I don’t think I’ve given up anything since.

Whether or not giving up my favorite little indulgence is a worthy Lenten sacrifice, I’m stuck with it now. I’ve said it “out loud” for the everyone in the blogosphere to hear.

Now it’s time to bid adieu to some of my favorite treats;

Chocolate covered pretzels (I had one last night, ooooh, so good!)

 M&Ms – the dark chocolate ones

The little wrapped chocolate hearts in the candy dish in the living room.

My favorite Kahlua Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot Chocolate …

Oh dear, this is going to be tough. Here’s hoping for something yummy in my Easter Basket!

One thought on “On Giving Up Chocolate For Lent – What Was I Thinking?

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