A Dog’s Life

20120213-151448.jpgThis is our dog , Guinness. We love him to bits. However, we (and by “we”, I mean “Me”) are not crazy about having him lounge on the couch, leaving his hair and distinct “eau de canine” scent behind.

So, every evening before bed, my husband and I make sure we barricade the couch with a baby gate, the coffee table, an ottoman, the kids’ beanbag chairs and whatever else we might have handy. We figured it must be working pretty well because Guinness usually makes his way onto our bed overnight, and he’s always been afraid of the baby gate.

But, I think we were wrong. I caught him in the act today.

Smart dog. We should start training him for obstacle courses!

20120213-151617.jpgUPDATE: Caught in the act again


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