12 Days of Christmas Countdown – Day 11 – Managing the Gift Lists

With just over 10 days left until Christmas, it’s time to get serious about the gift list. I’ve made at least one list, and I’m checking it twice. Naughty or Nice? I guess it’s not really a relevant question. If they’re not nice, they don’t make the list in the first place.

Right about now is when I start to panic about the list though. Do  I have everyone covered? At this point, I’m not so worried about the kids, or even my husband (though he’s a tough one). I worry about those folks who sit in the “outer circle” of gift-giving: the in-laws, the boss,  the teachers, the babysitters, co-workers, the interns.

Each presents me with a slightly different question: What to give? How much to spend? What did we give them last year? And then there are the folks who sit on the cusp of the gift-giving circle, those people with whom we don’t THINK we’re exchanging gifts. Should I have a backup gift, waiting on the sidelines, ready to be presented at a moment’s notice?

Christmas Gift List
Oh No! I think I forgot the dog!

The added challenge here is that I don’t actually have 11 days to square these things away. After all , Christmas is on Sunday, the 25th; school and work finish on the 23rd, and some people are leaving for their holiday before that. So for the teachers, babysitters, and the boss, I’m really left with only about 9 days. Nine days to fully prepare my stash of gifts for classroom celebrations, office get-togethers, and holiday parties over the next week.

Thank goodness I finished those Christmas Cards yesterday!  Well at least I almost finished them … Maybe I’ll just make a big batch of cookies…

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