12 Days Til Christmas Countdown – My Holiday To Do List – Day 12

This is such a busy time of year. Without lists of lists, and plenty of planning, I am pretty sure that Santa would forget to leave any presents for either child under the tree. Or, I would probably forget to buy groceries (or perhaps more importantly – wine) for Christmas Dinner. So I’ve decided to break down the last “12 Days Til Christmas” into a daily list of tasks. If I follow this plan, most certainly some things that remain undone. However, I don’t think I’ll forget anything that will traumatize my children for life. 

On Day 12: Its time to do the Christmas Cards. 

I love Christmas Cards. When I was little I always raced to the mailbox to see how big the stack of cards might be. I would rip them open before my mother could stop me, checking out the designs, reading the little notes from distant relatives and pondering over the pictures of second and third cousins whom I barely knew. Even now, it’s so much nicer to receive a card in the mail than a bill. I love those days when the cards outnumber bills and junk mail, and I still really enjoy ripping open the envelopes (when my children don’t beat me to it). 

Christmas Cards
Time to Address the Envelopes

But sending cards is still a chore, no matter how you slice it. 

Of course, before you can mail the cards, you must buy them. Selecting the cards and family photos is at least as time-consuming as addressing all the envelopes. By a stroke of luck, I remembered to do this over the weekend. As we usually do, I selected and purchased the cards online. Online ordering is convenient, but I still managed to overdo it by visiting three websites, and testing out three separate card designs, with photos, on each site. I finally settled on the cards from the national pharmacy chain. Not only were they MUCH less expensive than another well-known online photo brand, but I was able to pick them up at the store the next day.  

Now, I just need to address them. This would be an easy task I suppose, if only I had managed to keep up-to-date with all the address changes for friends and family this year. Each year I vow to make sure that I update all address changes in a central online address book, complete with a “last updated” date for tracking purposes. But did I? Of course not. It would also be easier if our printer weren’t broken, and I could just update last year’s label file. 

So, it’s clearly time for me to sign off. I should have all the addresses sussed out in an hour or so… then it’s on to hand addressing the envelopes. “Writers’ Cramp” be damned! 

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