Holiday Reminders via Dollops of Diane

 My sister-in-law maintains a wonderful blog, where she always delivers a fresh and honest perspective on her adventures as a mother of three little ones. In her most recent post, she reminds us all keep the hustle-bustle of the season in check, to take the time to spread a little cheer of our own, and to enjoy a little extra time with our friends and family. 
I am sharing her wise words below, but please stop by her blog Dollops of Diane, and see what else she has to say! …
I’m the President of the local chapter of a MOMS Club (shocking, I know) and each month I write a message in the newsletter. I figured I’d share the message I wrote for December here on my blog as well…
Around the holiday season I often find the need to remind myself of a few things that I thought I’d share.
1.Remember the Magic: Kids are only young once so take a minute to talk to your kids about Rudolph, decorate the house with cheesy holiday decorations, drive around just to look at Christmas lights, and bake cookies for Santa. You’ll be glad you did.  
2.Remember what most people want: One of the best presents you can give to someone else is your time.  
3.Remember traditions: No matter how little or silly it seems if you remember doing something with your family around the holidays then keep it up with your kids. Can’t think of anything? Well then start a new tradition.  
4.Remember to say thank you: Say it, write it, type it, Skype it – Just do it.  
5.Remember to be nice: Be nice to the cashier in line that you waited forever to get to, be nice to the mailman whose been working extra hard stuffing your mailbox with holiday cards, be nice to people putting on free events for crabby kids this season. Just be nice.  
6.Remember we don’t live in a Martha Stewart Magazine: Beautiful Christmas bulbs, glass angels, Pinecone rosette garland? Umm…not possible here. My house is full of shatterproof ornaments, decorations can only be hung higher than the one year old can reach, and there are more homemade crafts hanging around than can be counted. This is our life now and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.  
7.Remember to relax and enjoy: Stay up late talking with family you don’t see often, have an extra dessert (or five), let the kids wear what they want on Xmas Day without a fight, take lots of pictures, and take a deep breath and relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You deserve it! 



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