Is Cursive Obsolete? (via Seconds)

This blog post about the denouement of cursive handwriting got me to thinking. Is the demise of cursive inevitable? Should we care? Is it just another sign of time marching on? After all, humankind long ago abandoned hieroglyphics; no one speaks Latin anymore. Words themselves become obsolete all the time. (When was the last time you called your grandmother “eldmother”?
Is this simply evolution?
Seconds’ blog has some interesting thoughts on it…

Is Cursive Obsolete? In the news this week, Indiana’s Department of Education announced that schools would no longer need to teach cursive penmanship in schools. They would, however, let schools decide for themselves. It’s part of the common-core curriculum to phase out cursive in favor of digital skills. I disagree. According to the WSJ, which has a good piece on writing in cursive, it’s still an important and relevant skill. It’s even good for aging adults and help … Read More

via Seconds

One thought on “Is Cursive Obsolete? (via Seconds)

  1. I would hate to see cursive writing not taught anymore. It is very assumptive that we won’t be writing anymore. Typewriters have been made obsolete too! We assume that we will always be connected to the internet and a computer, but a large portion of the world doesn’t even have one…Writing is the basic communication tool we have used for thousands of years. The internet? 20 years…To not teach writing would be very short sighted IMO.

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