iPads and pre-schoolers – confessions of a perplexed parent (via INNZ is the word)

I came across this Blog Post today, from “INNZ is the word“, and it struck me as quite relevant, and insightful, because I have a 6-yr old and a 4-yr old who learned to use my iPad as quickly as I did. We limit their time with it though. First, like others, I don’t want them to miss out on the satisfaction of curling up with a book, with real paper pages. Second, I could not afford to replace my iPad, and I have seen how quickly my kids can accidentally demolish similar items. That being said, when we share time together with an iPad (or one of our used iPod Touches), I am always amazed at the enjoyment they get from some of the educational apps (National Geographic, Jigsaw Puzzles, Matching Games). Of course we also often enjoy a game of Angry Birds!
I am envious of “INNZ” though. I am sure it will be many years before my children’s public school will acquire something similar.
It’s a great post, please read on …

iPads and pre-schoolers – confessions of a perplexed parent OK I admit it – my nearly-three-year-old daughter is more familiar with iPads than I am. It’s not hard – I think I have only just fully realised I am raising a “screen-ager”. Once they started appearing at her preschool, I should have realised that if I didn’t catch up soon, I was goi … Read More

via INNZ is the word

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