Together Again: 16% Of Americans Live With Multiple Generations (via CBS Local)

I find this story particularly poignant. For much of my life, I have had a member of our extended family living in our home. As a child, my great aunt lived with us for many years. Then my grandparents moved to a refinished carriage house behind my mother. Today, my husband’s grandfather lives in the first floor of of our home.

Having multiple generations in one home can present challenges, especially for parents of young children. However, I think the benefits far outweigh inconveniences. My children are truly blessed to have been able to live under the same roof of their great grandmother and great-grandfather. They’ve doted on my kids with lollipops and random dollar bills, and these little ones have witnessed the committment their parents and grandparents have to their family. I can only hope that they lessons last through their lifetime and reach the next generation as well.

Together Again: 16% Of Americans Live With Multiple Generations.


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