Courtesy Inside and Outside of the Cubicle (via Barbara Talley’s Blog)

Barbara Talley feels the pain that many of us do when our work is interrupted by the odor of fresh sweat socks wafts into our cubicle. Definitely worth a read for any fan of the movie “Office Space”.

Courtesy Inside and Outside of the Cubicle "What's that smell?"  "I can't hear myself think!" "Can you turn that down?"  "Did someone take my red stapler?"  "My lunch is missing?"  "What's that green stuff in the refrigerator?"   "Oh My! Please put your shoes back on!" There are some things that just can't be ignored when we are in close quarters if we want a productive and harmonious work environment. Unfortunately most people don't have the luxury of a private office and of having all t … Read More

via Barbara Talley's Blog


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Lucky mom of two little ones who keep both me and my husband on our toes. I work for an insurance company, based in Boston MA, and spend many hours on the train, as a consummate commuter. I am a die-hard Red Sox and New England Patriots fan. As a Boston College Alum, I also cheer for my BC Eagles, whether it be football, basketball or hockey.

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