Waiting on the Tooth Fairy

My son has had a big week. He turned 6, had a fun-filling bowling/birthday party and today, he lost his very first tooth.

This is our first experience with the Tooth Fairy as parents. It’s very entertaining. The tooth has been loose for a while, and quite wiggly for the past few days. The apple he had at lunch probably finished it off thought. It was hanging by a thread for most of the afternoon, and finally he gathered the courage to yank it out just before dinner.

The First Lost Tooth
The Tooth Fairy will be making her first visit to our house tonight

He was practically skipping and singing with joy for the rest of the evening, anticipating the Tooth Fairy’s visit. He asked several questions that we could not answer as well, such as:

  • Where does the Tooth Fairy live?
  • What does she do with all those teeth?
  • How does she know I lost my tooth?
  • How big is she?

It dawned on me, and my husband, that we have much more background info on St. Nick and the Reindeer than we do on the Tooth Fairy. Given that she will be making several more visits to our house over the next few years, I figure I should brush up on the Tooth Fairy facts and figures.

This is some of what I learned, courtesy of Wikipedia.

  • In early Europe, it was a tradition to bury baby teeth that fell out. The tradition continues in Ireland and Great Britain.
  • When a child’s sixth tooth falls out, the tooth fairy sometimes will leave money/gift under the pillow, but to also leave the tooth as a reward for growing strong.
  • Sometimes the tooth fairy leaves trails of “fairy dust” on the floor of the child’s room.
  • The going rate for the tooth fairy varies widely. A recent  American Dental Association survey indicates that the average value received by children for deciduous teeth is US$1.00/tooth, and ranges from US$0.25 to US$20.00.
  • A Tooth Fairy Museum existed from 1993 to 2000 in Deerfield, Illinois.

What about you? Do you have any interesting facts to share about the Tooth Fairy?

3 thoughts on “Waiting on the Tooth Fairy

  1. Emily

    Oh my goodness, I had not even thought about the questions kids ask about the tooth fairy. I’m so glad I read this prior to any visits to our house. It may be soon seeing that my toddler seems to be facing an imminent extraction following an injury. (By the way, I found this Mom’s Guide to be helpful for that type of thing.)

    And my fun tooth fairy story is that as a child we were vacationing in Mexico when I lost a tooth. The tooth fairy left pesos! I think the exchange rate must have been pathetic, but I was very excited at the time!!

  2. Believe me I really do hope you will fly by my Toothfairycyberspace.com ! I know you will enjoy learning more lore and some dentalfunstuff too! Tooth Fairy tweets @toothfairycyber
    Good-bye, gotta FLY ! ☺

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