Social Media – Changing the way we travel (via Will’s Blog)

As an avid student of social media and the many ways it has changed the way we live our lives, I found this post from Will’s Blog very interesting. In it, he explains how he used a few popular social media apps to enrich is travel experience in New York and San Francisco.

Social Media - Changing the way we travel I recently came back from an amazing trip to the USA. It was the first time I didn’t use Tripadvisor or a Lonelyplanet-esque guide to decide where and what to do and yet I felt like I immersed myself in the “real” New York and San Francisco experience, not the Intrepid or Lonely Planet experience that most people have. Foursquare – Drinking like a Local Without a doubt many people reading this blog are users or have used location based services s … Read More

via Will’s Blog


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