A 6-Year Old’s Year in Review

To my little boy as you turn 6, here’s a list of a few of the things you’ve done, seen and learned while you were 5 years old. I know you’ll have just as many wonderful moments this year.

  1. You “graduated” from preschool, and made the daunting transition to kindergarten without a bit of hesitation, including riding the school bus!

    Kindergarten School Bus
    The First Day of Kindergarten
  2. You went on a Whale Watch during our Cape Cod vacation, and were awestruck when you saw a humpback’s tail up close and personal.
  3. During that same vacation Daddy took you to see “Toy Story 3”.  You got choked up, and announced that you would never give away your toys.
  4. You learned to swim across the pool without a flotation “bubble”.
  5. You went as Frankenstein for Halloween.

    Frankenstein for Halloween
    One Scary Monster
  6. You learned to READ!! You have no ideas how many doors opened for you the moment you started sounding out those words.
  7. You learned to count to 100, and then to count to 100 by tens.
  8. You defeated your parents and grandparents at Wii Bowling.
  9. You stuck up for a friend at school.
  10. You finished your first Year of CCD with a wonderful rendition of “This Little Light of Mine”.
  11. You learned to make your bed and clean your room, sort of.
  12. You said goodbye to your imaginary friend “Monkey”, and in fact, you’ve all but forgotten him. (I am actually a little sad about that.)
  13. Daddy taught you how to swing a golf club and a baseball bat, and how to shoot a basket.
  14. You’ve learned more about predators than I’ll ever want to know.

    Our Dog
    Our Dog Guinness
  15. You’ve begun to do more chores, including letting the dog out, and playing with him. Guinness loves you for that.
  16. You’ve developed an energetic 6-yr old boy sense of humor. Even though most of your jokes involve personal bodily functions a la Bart Simpson, there is a bit of a chuckle behind my scolds.
  17. You tried clam chowder, salmon, salsa and buffalo wings, and liked them all!
  18. You learned the names of each of players in the Celtics starting lineup, plus a few more.

    A few of my son's favorite players via TheSportsBanl.net
  19. You are no longer afraid of the loud boom of fireworks, though the buzzer at the end of your basketball games still unnerves you.
  20. You are generous and caring with your little sister (most of the time).

You have become a full-fledged Big Kid. Mom and Dad are so very proud of you, and we love you to bits!

Happy Birthday!


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