Don’t leave Vermont without eating breakfast here

If you want a good old-fashioned, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast that flagrantly challenges the virtues of the Food Pyramid, The Chelsea Royal Diner, in Brattleboro Vermont is the place for you.

Chelsea Royal
Photo by Milton CJ

In the spirit of full disclosure, “The One and Only Brattleboro” is my hometown. I don’t live there anymore, but many of my family members do. When we bring the kids to Vermont for a visit, The Chelsea Royal is often our last stop before heading home. We go there for breakfast with the kids for a few reasons:

  • The Cajun Skillet Breakfast
  • The old school, vintage diner charm
  • Reasonable prices and a casual atmosphere
  • And did I mention the Cajun Skillet Breakfast?

In all fairness, the Cajun Skillet isn’t really my breakfast. However, it makes my husband begin salivating before we pull into the parking lot. This particular dish is a combo of fried eggs, peppers, onions, sausage, potatoes and melted cheese served in a sizzling skillet. I admit, the aroma of the Cajun spices often makes me wish I ordered it too.

Yumm Omelets
Omelets! - Photo by Greg Turner

I am more of an omelet person. I like to mix it up a bit with my fillings, but no matter what I choose, I am always scraping the plate clean. I am fond of the bacon, cheddar and tomato combo; the bacon and tomatoes are plentiful, and the cheddar is real Vermont Cheddar. (Nothing else will do, really.)

Of course one of the most important ingredients in a hearty breakfast is coffee. Chelsea Royal serves Mocha Joes, a local brand that has been gaining quite a widespread following. I think it’s one of the best brews I’ve had.

The main dining room is a vintage 1938 Worcester Dining Car. This car has been around town for decades in a few different locations, and made its way to the current spot over a decade ago. It’s the last eatery before skiers begin the climb over Hogback Mountain on the way to Mount Snow, and a favorite spot of these same skiers before they get back on the highway to return to points South.

A few things to keep in mind when planning a meal here:

  • Bring Cash. This diner does not take plastic of any kind. Hit the ATM at one of the nearby gas stations before you head in.
  • Be prepared to wait … outside. The waiting area is pretty tight. When we were there last, on a frigid day in February, there were plenty of people standing outside in the cold working up their appetites.
  • Be hungry. Generous portions are an understatement!

4 thoughts on “Don’t leave Vermont without eating breakfast here

  1. Who are these Cajun people ? They are in a lot of trouble, let me tell you. When Tony, Angelo, Mike the Nose and Jimmy from down the block find out about this, these Cajuns are in big trouble. THIS IS A SICILIAN OMELET !!!

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