Prepping for St. Patty’s (via Our Life in Meals)

As I prepare for our own St. Patty’s Party this weekend, I can commiserate with Our Life In Meals. The looming celebration motivated the author to complete her home improvement project in the nick of time. She’s motivated me to give my own home a good, much-needed scrubbing before Saturday.
Now I just need to figure out the best way to cook 14 pounds on Corned Beef on my itty-bitty stove!

Prepping for St. Patty's If someone questioned our sanity right now, I wouldn’t blame them.  About a month ago, Jan and I began a serious home-improvement project.  Fed up with carpet and linoleum that didn’t stand up to our frequent entertaining and furniture re-arranging, we opted for one of the most durable and low maintenance flooring surfaces we could find: porcelain tile.  With the goal to replace all the floors in our house with beautiful 18”x18” tiles, we began i … Read More

via Our Life in Meals


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