Splashing $2.35 Worth of Cold Water on My Face

I just spent $2.35 on a bottle of water! I have just gotten any overdue slap in the face.

I am embarrassed and ashamed. I know all the reasons against buying bottled water: it’s no better than tap water; the plastic bottles are bad for the environment; it’s expensive.

I think I’ve been living in denial though, somewhere in the imaginary void between $1.25 and $2.35. I am a creature of habit, you see. Nearly everyday at lunch, I buy a bottle of water to drink with my soup or sandwich. I tell myself that it’s a very healthy choice. It’s better than soda or coffee, and this routine probably keeps me from being chronically dehydrated.  Until today, I haven’t given too much thought to what this little bottle of water has cost me. Shame on me. I’ve gotten used to the cost of lunch as a “package deal.” My tomato soup and spinach croissant neatly camouflaged the price of my little purified, fresh-from-the-mountain-spring indulgence.

That changed today. Today I brought lunch from home (pat on the back for me, thank you!). I did not bring a drink, though, so I went to my usual lunch spot and grabbed a single bottle of water. I went to the cashier and held out two $1 bills. It wasn’t enough.

That was the slap. As I walked to my table with my bag lunch and bottle of H2O, it began to really sting. Ouch! $2.35 for bottle of water? I paid less than $2 for a large coffee this morning. That was a cup of water with coffee included, and caffeine, and some cream too!

Now I just paid about 20% more than that for water with nothing in it. I have been had.

I buy lunch at work 5 days a week, for 48 weeks a year. My annual budget for bottled water: $564.

No thank you.

I will not be had again. My next self-indulgent purchase will not be a bottle of water. It will be a lovely, personalized reusable water bottle. I hope to find a nice colorful bottle that matches my office décor. My water will come from the tap; my nod to luxury will be using a tap with a filter.

In fact, I think I will buy two bottles, one for home and one for the office. After all, I just found an extra $564 in my pocket.

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