5 Ways to Shake the Winter Blues

1) Go for a walk. OK, so most of us probably think that navigating un-plowed sidewalks with scarves wrapped around our runny noses is a sorry excuse for a spring stroll. However, a nice jaunt around the neighborhood on a crisp day can do wonders for your psyche. Cold fresh air wakes you up from that sluggish mid-afternoon daze if nothing else.

2) Get a massage. There’s nothing like a good deep tissue massage to melt away the stresses of the season, and soothe those muscles that just dug out your car for the fifth time this month.

Coffee and Books
Read A Book

3) Read a book. Who needs the beach for paperback novels? Pick your favorite genre; I tend to favor something light and humorous. Something too introspective might drag you right back from whence you came.

4) Rearrange the furniture. Sounds like a chore, I know, and it kind of is. If you’re like me, it forces you to finally attack all those dust bunnies under the couch. Moving that sofa and coffee table will give you that novel “new room” feeling. It’s a nice afternoon project that doesn’t cost a dime, and rewards you with feeling of renewal.

Naps Work wonders
Naps Work Wonders - Courtesy of Graur Codrin

5) Take a nap. When all else fails, give in to your droopy eyelids. After all, hasn’t this winter exhausted all of us? If you’re just too tired, you won’t have the energy for any of the above. Go for it! It’ll just be a quick nap, you won’t miss anything, except another snowstorm.

These are the suggestions I have. How do you shake the Winter Blues?

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