Charting a Windward Course

I am no sailor, but it strikes me that the journey I have begun this year has some similarities to a transatlantic voyage.

Like a sailor, I am charting a course from Point A to Point B. To get there, I will have to navigate some rough currents. I have settled on weekly SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals as the buoys to measure my progress. At times, I will have to tack back and forth as the wind changes to maintain my ultimate heading.

My original goals for the year have merged. I want to lose some weight (and gain some energy), and I want to make regular blog posts to enhance my writing skills.  I have committed to blogging at least once a week, and that has evolved into periodic posts on my ‘weight loss project’. Each week, I assess my progress for both goals.

So far, my writing has been more prolific than I expected, although I don’t think quantity dictates quality. It’s a challenge to discover things to write about, and to choose the right words to shape my message. In my professional life, I write pretty sterile, stiff business reports. Dull, dull and dull.

Finding a more casual, conversational voice is sort of like trying on skis for the first time. Very awkward, very scary but I’m really hoping to get good enough to enjoy flying down those moguls. I am starting to believe writing will become a favorite hobby. I think as many people want to read my posts as want to listen to me sing ’80s pop songs in the shower, though.

My weight loss project is a little slower going. I committed to logging everything I eat in a private journal (ok, most of what I eat), with the hope that I could drop a pound a week. My results have been lackluster. I lost a pound last week, and about a 1/2 pound this week. Trending in the right direction, but not quite the pace I want.

With this in mind, time to check the navigational charts and do a little tacking. Steering a ship is about making lots of little adjustments. Pull on the rudder too hard, and you could capsize the boat. I definitely need to make a few adjustments.

So, looking ahead to next week, I will still log my meals, including the occasional Hershey’s nugget, but I will also step up my activity a bit. I walk to work every day. This week, I will take at least two days and walk at lunch too. Walking will get me away from my desk for a bit, clear my head, and give me energy.  This time next week, I should be back on track for my long-term weight loss goals.

We will see how I do. Next week we’ll find another buoy to aim for.


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