My First “SMART” Goal for 2011


OK. No more nonsense. No more procrastination.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve let myself go. After losing a good bit of weight after my second child was born, I decided to go back to school for my MBA. There I was, burning the candles at all ends: extra coffee at work,  snacking while studying, and grabbing meals on the run with the kids. It was like the “Freshmen 15” all over again. Ugh.

Well, I finished school in September. I have my MBA in hand. It was a wonderful, challenging experience, but I have prolonged healthy eating for long enough.

Time to pay the piper. TODAY IS THE DAY.

Baby steps though. No need to set myself up for disappointment!
I’ve given myself a series of smaller goals: “SMART goals”. I am a disciple of SMART goals in my professional life; time to bring my work home with me.

With each success, I will get a reward. Something small, maybe dessert, maybe a nap!

So, SMART Goal #1.
I WILL track everything I eat this week, and any exercise I do.

By just paying attention to this, I plan to lose 1 lb by next week, January 10th.

That’s it: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.

Here we go !!!!

(Wish me luck!)


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