My Grandma’s Holiday Rice Cookies

My grandmother used to make these drop cookies every year
at Christmas time. They are unlike other shortbread cookies. The
rice flour makes them quite deilicate, but the butter renders them
rich at the same time. They are a real family favorite: Thanks to
my cousin Lori for forwarding this recipe: Ingredients: 1 egg 1/2
Cup sugar 1/2 Cup butter 1/2 Cup flour 1/2 Cup rice flour 1) Cream
butter, sugar and egg. 2) Add flour and rice flour. 3) Mix. 4) Drop
by teaspoons on cookie sheet, flatten with knife. Bake 350* 8-10
min til golden brown at edges. Enjoy!


About maryct70
Lucky mom of two little ones who keep both me and my husband on our toes. I work for an insurance company, based in Boston MA, and spend many hours on the train, as a consummate commuter. I am a die-hard Red Sox and New England Patriots fan. As a Boston College Alum, I also cheer for my BC Eagles, whether it be football, basketball or hockey.

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